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Sights of Jordan

Jordan is truly a land of spectacular culture, scenery and people. This small Arab Kingdom holds within its borders sites of antiquity that rank among the most exceptional in the world. The unique rose red city of Petra; the outstanding remains of Jerash, one of the most magnificent of roman provincial cities, the remarkable vestiges of Umayyad palaces built deep in the desert; the incredibly scenic Wadi rum, which is permanently associated with Lawrence of Arabia.
 Please feel free to read through our Jordan Travel Guide to find out more about Jordan tourism.

For those seeking adventure, mystique, ancient roots, relaxation, tourism Jordan and an opportunity to witness the monuments of a civilization over 2000 years old- Jordan is the place!

 Wadi Rum

Perhaps the most magnificent landscapes in the Kingdom abound in Wadi Rum, one of the truly most breathtaking experiences of Jordan.

Um Qais

Gadara One of the first places in Jordan that were visited by Jesus Christ after he crossed the River Jordan.


Amman the capital is a modern, safe, and friendly city. No more than a five hour drive from anywhere in the country, it is a convenient place


With its balmy winter climate and idyllic setting, Aqaba is Jordan’s year-round aquatic playground. The thriving underwater


Petra is the astonishing, mesmerising rose-red city. Once the stronghold of the Nabataeans, industrious Arab people

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Jordan Tourism Film

Jordan has a huge potential as a TV and film location. Why else would Hollywood directors keep on coming back here to shoot some of their top blockbusters?

We’re talking The Martian, Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and many more movies.

In fact, over the past decade, Jordan has made over JD150 million ($212 million) in revenue from the film industry alone, as well as having secured 5000 full-times jobs over the same period.

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Jordan Tourism Film (ARABIC)

This a film promoting Jordan as a beautiful tourism destination for families. The 22 minute film was produced for ALARABIYA where it was broadcast. It features a Saudi family visiting and exploring over 9 locations in Jordan.

The film was Directed by Wael Shentenawy of SAWA Media, based in Dubai. It was presented by Mr. Ahmad Sahab, an accomplished Saudi TV producer and presenter.
SAWA Media is a Dubai based company specializing in creative productions for corporate clients and TV broadcasters. It’s also the Middle East’s leader in Digital Brand Integration technology providing it’s services to advertisers, broadcasters, and content owners.

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Wadi Rum – A Majestic Landscape

This video about a part of the vast landscape of Wadi Rum is the second of four time lapse videos shot in Jordan this July. The whole project was shot and edited for the Jordan Tourism Board.

Some background: Shooting the desert in the mid of July was quite a challenge. It was very hot, even at night. And it was quite dusty. During the 2 days of shooting I’ve tried to capture images of the majestic rock formations but also people enjoying desert live for a glimpse of a few hours on a jeep trip or on the back of a camel. A highlight was the balloon trip shown at the end of the clip.

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Sights of Jordan

Highlighting some of Jordan’s most well-known sights, like Petra, Dead Sea, Jerash, Wadi Mujib, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba.
This is the 4th and final installment

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Amman – City in Motion

The video about the bustling capital of Jordan is the first in a series of four time-lapse movies about Jordan and it’s main sites.

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